Bow Valley Safety, are committed to supporting our clients as they implement, update and manage their Health & Safety Management Systems. We provide support to small and medium size employers who may not have the available internal resources to administer their health and safety tasks.

All companies are unique, unique challenges, specific goals, and performance targets, and need to operate within budgetary and time constraints. Bow Valley Safety offer individual consultations for any aspect health and safety related challenges you face.

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What is an Effective Health & Safety Management System?

A health and safety management system is more than just a binder full of safety documents. It is a system that requires constant monitoring and maintenance. Document review, record keeping, communication with work site parties, and acting on feedback.

We help develop policies, procedures and programs that meet the unique needs and processes within your company. To work with you to create a system that allows staff to carry out their work on a daily basis, creating a customized system that compliments your existing systems.

At a minimum, a Health and Safety System needs to include the core elements required by Provincial and Federal Health & Safety Legislation. Because every organization and environment is different, a program developed for one organization should not be expected to meet the needs of another.

Health and Safety Program

Every company needs the same core elements represented in their Health and Safety System. Bow Valley Safety will work with you to create a comprehensive H&S program compliant to all latest relevant regulations and OHS laws.


Employers with 5 or more workers at a work site are required to establish a joint work site health and safety committee or in some case a health and safety representative.

Audit Prep

It is important that every employer regularly conducts audits of their documentation, facilities and work sites to ensure that their Health & Safety Program and its policies are being followed.